A Proven Program to Remove Your Hidden Blocks That Are Sabotaging You From Finding LOVE

Finally learn what’s been holding you back and remove your inner resistance to


once and for all, so that you can have the loving, trusting relationship you want.

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You believe in love.

You know it is possible for you.

And yet, there is still a part of you that feels like: “after all of this effort, shouldn’t I have found an amazing love by now? What the heck is taking so long? WHERE IS HE!?”

You’ve been swiping on the dating apps, you’ve been going on plenty of dates, you’ve even been focused on visualizing the relationship of your dreams on a daily basis…

But you’re tired.

Tired of the attracting the seemingly endless line of emotionally unavailable men, narcissists, or men you don’t find attractive.

Tired of the amazing connections that fizzle just as quickly as they begin.

Tired of feeling like you must be doing something wrong, because all this time and effort put into love, should have created something beautiful by now, right?

Maybe a part of you is even thinking: “Maybe true love just isn’t in the cards for me.”

“I should just give up.”

“Being single isn’t sooo bad...”


But then there’s the other part of you.

The one that longs for a connected, real, passionate love.

A love you can trust.

A love that enhances your life and grows with you.

And, deep down, you believe this love is possible for you.

You also know that there must be a reason...a deep, unseen something that is holding you back or interfering with your ability to find love.

Know this, you’re not alone!


Millions of women (and men!) experience this same frustrating feeling that something is holding them back from the love they deserve.

Like you, I was one of the many that felt that I was being blocked from finding the relationship I so deeply longed for.

After years of unfulfilling relationships, missed connections, and seemingly endless evidence that a relationship “must not be in the cards for me,” I decided I’d had enough.

My mission became to not only understand love and relationships, and how to best create those deep, long-lasting true love stories…


But to also figure out why there are so many amazing people who are worthy of love, and yet no matter what they try, can’t seem to find that special someone.

AND how they (and I!) could break free from this pattern forever.

After 10 years of studying relationships, finding the love of my life, writing a best-selling book, and coaching thousands of women around the world in their love lives, I found the answer.

The reason these women (and I) were struggling in love, was because we had hidden love blocks that were preventing us from attracting the relationship we desired.


“What the heck are love blocks?”

Love blocks are the deep-seated, unconscious beliefs that develop from critical messages and painful experiences from our past. These hidden beliefs create massive internal resistance to actually being in the relationship you consciously want.

This internal resistance is much like having one foot on the gas, and the other on the break. No matter how much you press the gas pedal, your love blocks – pressed even more firmly on the brake – keep you stuck. You ain’t going nowhere!

Not being aware of these love blocks or how to dissolve them becomes like having a “blind spot” on your relationship road. You don’t see the warning signs and before you know it, you self-sabotage the relationship you really want.

When I discovered this internal conflict going on in almost every one of my clients, I knew there needed to be a system to identify, overcome, and ultimately dissolve these blocks, because they were the culprit in preventing so many wonderful love stories from taking fruition.


And that’s why I’ve created Break Free: a proven system to dissolve these barriers to love and finally manifest the relationship you’ve always dreamt of. Because my mission in life is helping amazing people just like you have that long-lasting love connection you want.

“Sounds great, but how do I know if I have love blocks?”


A fair question.

Here’s how you know if you have a love block:

When you’re making a genuine effort to try and find love, you’re staying open, you’re taking action, you’re putting yourself out there...

But there seems to be an unseen force keeping that dream from becoming a reality…

There’s a good chance you’ve got a love block secretly sabotaging you.

Love blocks are, at their most basic level, defense mechanisms your brain creates, that try to protect you from future pain it believes you’ll encounter.

These hidden beliefs are such powerful defenses, they can actually work against your desires and goals.

Love blocks are born out of painful events in your past, like a grueling break-up, a divorce, betrayal, or an abusive relationship. The pain from these traumatic events imprints upon our subconscious mind and creates a limiting belief.

This limiting belief is now secretly influencing the thoughts you think and the choices you make.


For example, you might have fears of:

Here’s the problem...

While these fears, are “protecting” you from pain, they also steer you away from love because they create self-sabotaging patterns to avoid ever becoming vulnerable like that again.


But, it’s not your fault.

Your subconscious mind is exponentially more powerful than your conscious mind. So, no matter how much you desire that relationship in your conscious mind, when you have subconscious love blocks in the way, you love life doesn’t stand a chance.

Your relationship status is single not because it’s impossible, or too late, or just not in the cards for you...

It’s because of the power of these love blocks residing in your subconscious mind, and the simple fact that no one has ever taken the time to explain to you how they work (or how to get rid of them!).

Finding love on your own terms is NOT about timing or due to a lack of high quality men. It’s all a matter of taking your foot OFF the brake (eliminating the love block holding you back) and then embracing what you really want.

You can see why it’s oh so important to destroy these limiting love blocks.


Consider a real life story that demonstrates this principle. For the sake of privacy, let’s call her Betty.

Because her father was always so emotionally absent, Betty grew up feeling unworthy and flawed.

Betty’s feelings of unworthiness were reinforced by her first real relationship – a man who said he loved her with all his heart, only to break up with her two months later with no good reason.

Over time, she fell into a series of empty relationships and always felt like a failure at dating. She attracted men with whom she felt no chemistry. The men she did feel chemistry with were always emotionally unavailable. Available men weren’t interesting. The intriguing guys she met were always dead-ends.

She had always assumed that was just part of dating. You gotta kiss a lot of frogs to find the one that’s a prince, right?

What she didn’t recognize was that her love block of feeling flawed was sabotaging her. Because Betty felt flawed and unworthy, she unconsciously believed that any man who truly got to know her wouldn’t love her and would ultimately reject her.

Betty was in a pattern of self-sabotage, and never even knew it!


In an effort to “protect” herself from the pain of inevitable rejection, Betty only attracted men she didn’t like or men who were unavailable; therefore never giving herself a real chance to be in a truly intimate relationship.

Essentially she was trading love for safety. And for many years it hindered her from having what she wanted the most in life – a husband, a child, a stable family.

She was stuck.

She didn’t see this pattern, never realized that her love block had it’s foot planted firmly on the relationship brakes...

Until Betty discovered this proven system, identified her love blocks, and dissolved them away…

Now, Betty is married to the man of her dreams, enjoying the relationship she’s always wanted.

She feels joyful, fulfilled, at peace – and knows deep down she’s worthy and deserving of her amazing relationship.

This process not only has worked for Betty, but it’s worked for hundreds of women around the world. And it can work for you too!

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re likely secretly battling your own love blocks and just haven’t realized what they are yet.


You’re not alone in this! Most people don’t know when subconscious resistance is taking over, because it’s hard to see the picture when you’re the one in the frame.

And over the past 10 years of helping women dissolve these blocks and finally find the love of their life, I knew to really increase love in the world one heart at a time I needed to create an easy-to-follow, proven system anyone could follow.

And that’s why I created Break Free: A Proven Program for Dissolving Your Hidden Love Blocks.

The Break Free proven system identifies the subconscious resistance that’s holding you back and shows you exactly how to dissolve these limiting beliefs forever.

When you learn the Break Free proven system, you’ll feel empowered because you’ll have control over these love blocks rather than these love blocks controlling you. You’ll also feel deeper levels of peace and joy because you’ll finally be free from the hidden fears that have secretly held you back all this time.

How does the Break Free program work?

The Break Free program is an interactive 5-week, step-by-step, proven process where you learn exactly how to identify your hidden love blocks and dissolve your limiting beliefs – so that you can finally be free to attract the relationship you want.

Break Free contains 3 powerful components within each week’s module to help you shift your results quickly.

BreakFree MasterClass

First, to serve to the mental side or your nature, you’ll receive a video masterclass (valued at $397) and complete guidebook (valued at $97) to help you learn the principles and quickly activate the lesson.


Second, to activate the physical side of your nature, I’ve designed a specialized “Journey” for you to embark upon. This is a short activity that engages your body, helps you access your subconscious mind, and gives you a new experience that will rapidly accelerate your transformational process. (Valued at $147)


Third, to access the spiritual side of your nature, I’ve created a cinematic guided-meditation for each week that quickly hones in on your love block, uproots your limiting beliefs, and supercharges your Break Free process. (Valued at $197)

Fire Air Water Earth Spirit
PLUS! I’ve built this program around the 5 elements of nature, all of which have restorative properties to help accelerate your Break Free process.
Here’s what we’ll cover each week...
Lesson 1: Fire

In the first masterclass you’ll learn the 10 most common hidden love blocks; the self-sabotaging defenses (behaviors and thoughts) that STOP you from attracting the love you want. In this week’s lesson, you’ll receive a specific process for identifying your own love blocks, and begin the process of releasing them.

Lesson 2: Air

Next, we consider the omnipresent quality of air and how vibration works. You’ll learn why like attracts like, what’s necessary to dissolve the love blocks, and how to create new subconscious beliefs to attract the love you most desire. You’ll receive an activation meditation for repatterning these limiting beliefs so that your love life can reach new heights.

Lesson 3: Water

The next lesson unlocks the cleansing power of Forgiveness. You’ll learn a new way to think about forgiveness and be given three simple steps that will heal your heart from the past, and wash away all of the burden of mistakes, bad memories, and resentment. You’ll feel restored, lighter, and feel more at peace than you have in years.

Lesson 4: Earth

This masterclass activates the nourishing properties of Self-love-- the seed for receiving great love. Perceptions of luck and chance melt away to reveal your own self-chosen destiny. Once you change your vibration and discover your self-worth, you feel it internally and emanate it outwardly. You will be in a vibration of love and acceptance-- the harmonious energies that high quality men are attracted to.

Lesson 5: Spirit

Lastly, we finish the course by discussing the element of Spirit, and how to develop and access your intuition to lead you to the life that you love. Connecting yourself to Spirit frees you from the shackles of self-doubt. You’ll learn how to trust yourself and you’ll feel a renewed inner-confidence and certainty for the direction of your love life.


Working with Mat was a God send. He has a way of conveying information in a way that is so clear and gets right to the point. I can tell it changed me because I can feel it in my body. I am confident, relaxed and happier than I have ever been. I have the faith that my life is going in the trajectory that I consciously choose...I can't thank Mat enough for what he has done for me, that I have been trying to do, for years. Thank you so much Mat."

Gale, Las Vegas NV

Imagine deciding that you and your love life are worth it. Imagine pouring yourself into this process, really committing to breaking free and coming out the other side.


Here is what you’ll experience:

  • You’ll feel so much confidence that it actually becomes radiance – and men will instantly feel attracted to you!
  • Peace of mind and being at peace with yourself
  • Knowing and owning your worthiness
  • A feeling of lightness and enjoying more fun in your life
  • Release from the heavy burden of past relationships
  • Enjoyment in the dating process...maybe even having FUN!
  • A deep feeling of control such that things start “flowing” for you – the Universe helps you find what you want
  • Calm and collected, so that it’s EASY to meet new guys and better quality guys that you like
  • Trust in yourself to choose the right person for you, and fearlessly letting the relationship progress into true, deep, connected love.

Breaking free from the energetic constraints of your love blocks not only create these feelings of confidence, peace, and trust, but also enrich your relationships, because you feel safe to be authentic, vulnerable, and able to fearlessly connect with others.


Now, while this program has the amazing potential to change your love life dramatically…


I want to give you a WARNING.

This process is not going to be easy work.

If changing your life was easy, everyone would do it and everyone would be coupled off and living happily ever after.

But changing your life and overcoming your buried relationship blocks is NOT easy. It takes courage and effort. It takes investing in yourself, committing to the process, and a willingness to try something new.

If you’re not willing to commit yourself, if you’re not willing to lead with courage, if you’re not willing to do something different, then don’t do this program. You are not ready for this process.

No one else can change your life for you. YOU must decide you want this. You must be willing to do the work. You must want to break free.

However; if you’re willing to bravely face your love blocks and fully engage in this process, then I promise you…

This program will work for you. You will identify your blocks. You will break free. And you WILL benefit your love life in powerful and positive ways forever!


You are going to follow a proven system that works. It has worked for countless others and will work for you too.


Hi Mat,
The [Break Free program] was on point and has brought me to a place where I am receiving the love I always dreamed about...This man I am with now is “ALL IN” and is not afraid to be vulnerable with me. He is serious and isn’t afraid to let everyone know it! The depth of emotional intimacy we have shared Is incredible and I’m so happy. We are very well suited for each other and to think I could have missed it!! You are awesome and amazing and I hope God Blesses your socks off!!! I have also learned a lot about how to deal with Fear and anxiety or anything else that is disrupting My spirit by listening to how you have led us in the Meditations. I will take with me many lessons. Thank you Mat!! Huge hug!!!

Gale, Las Vegas NV


I just wanted to say thank you for creating this program...I've done a few coaching programs over the past few years but I truly feel this was the one I needed to literally break free from the paradigms that were holding me back. I did not realize how much hurt, pain and blame I was holding on to until I had the opportunity to let it go. That wounded little girl who felt like she was not worthy of love and not enough prevented me from loving myself and allowing others to truly love me as well. I have never felt so much as I did while doing the guided meditations, I cried, I laughed, I felt, I recognized and I let go. Everyone has told me how much lighter I am, happy, unguarded and full of life I seem and I truly feel that way... I am a better person. So, again, thank you!

Teasha, Sacaramento, CA


I just wanted to say thank you so much for another amazing program. The meditations were incredibly powerful and you really weren't kidding when you said it wasn't for the faint hearted! I can't remember having ever cried so hard! I'm most grateful for learning – through the meditations – how to give love to the part of me that most needs it. That has been one of the greatest gifts I've ever received. Thank you so much. I also FINALLY fully broke free of my past relationship, YAY!!...I've now met this new man! ...The good news is that (as engaged as I am with my new man) I am so full of self love that I'm not anxious about hearing from him constantly. Mat, thank you for all that you do and the way in which you do it. I look forward to seeing you in the next program.

Maggie, London, UK

REMEMBER: Your love blocks will try to get you to quit before you finish this program! Love blocks are sneaky that way. They know that if they can get you to quit, that they will WIN in keeping you stuck.


You will often feel the temptation to quit RIGHT BEFORE you have your first breakthrough. You must resist that notion, the one that says, “Oh this won’t work because nothing ever works for me.”

That’s why, to support your growth and to help you stay committed to your path, I’m giving you my “NO QUITTING” guarantee.

Here’s how it works…

  • When you enroll in this program, you are 100% committed. You are saying to yourself and me that you are DOING the WORK.
  • AND, there are absolutely NO REFUNDS. Why? Because when it gets uncomfortable, your love block will look for any way out, and if you can simply get your money back, your love block will take that open door every time.
  • So, your guarantee is that you won’t quit on yourself, and this program won’t quit on you. We are in this together! Deal?

Your history does not determine your destiny


How long you’ve been single, or how much pain you’ve experienced in the past is no match compared to the power that lives within you.

You are more powerful than any love block. You are more powerful than the negative thinking pattern that has permeated your life so far.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve lived this way or how long these beliefs have affected your life over the years. Changing these limiting beliefs starts with a simple decision, realizing that you are worth it!

Your life is a choice. You have the power to overcome all of these obstacles, conscious and subconscious, and I’m going to show you exactly how to do it.

Step by step, I will explain the exact system that’s proven to work and help you make the positive shifts that will break you free from the past and create your beautiful new future.

This is YOUR time. You deserve to have the love you want!

Let’s Break Free Together!

The BreakFree Program

To recap, here’s what you’ll receive:

  • 5-Week Break Free Video Masterclass = $397 Value
  • The Complete Guidebook to your Break Free system = $97
  • 5 Experiential Break Free “Journey” Lessons = $147
  • 5 Powerful Love Block Busting Meditations = $297
  • TOTAL VALUE = old price

YOUR INVESTMENT: ONLY $247 or 3 simple payments of $97 Yes, really! That’s IT!

Awesome! I knew you’d be in!

Let’s take a journey together and help you Break Free so that you can create the loving relationship you want!

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