Ready to Experience More Abundance, Freedom & Flow in Your Life? This FREE Meditation is for You!

When you listen to this 10-minute guided meditation, you will:

  • Know there is a Power breathing you that is calling you to a freer, fuller life.
  • Calm your mind and turn feelings of unhappiness and longing into a clear vision of the life you would love to live.
  • Hold firmly to that vision every day so you can live with gratitude, no matter what the present brings.
  • With a newfound vision and grateful heart, welcome abundance as it flows into your life.

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When you listen to this 10-minute guided meditation, you will:

  • Begin to tap into, and operate in harmony with, the abundant universe you live in that’s always seeking greater expansion and expression through you.
  • Discover a simple but powerful prosperity practice you can apply right now to begin creating greater abundance, freedom and flow in your life starting TODAY.
  • More fully connect to the power within you that’s far greater than any circumstance, situation or condition. You have the power to shape your reality!

No Experience with Meditation? That’s Okay!


Whether you’ve never tried meditating before, or if you have but it didn’t work for you, you’ll find this audio meditation to be extremely easy to follow and highly effective.

That’s because you’ll be guided each step of the way! All you have to do is find a quiet place, sit back, close your eyes and follow Mary’s voice as she leads you toward a deeper sense of awareness.

In no time at all, you’ll begin to relax, quiet your mind and connect with the universe on a much higher, more spiritual level.

And the more you listen to this guided meditation, the stronger your connection will be, and the easier it will be to attract more abundance, fulfillment and joy into your life.

Where should we send your FREE MEDITATION?

What People are Saying About
Mary Morrissey and Her Programs:

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Felicia Searcy

Quote I knew that she could help me not only achieve my dream, but unlock what it was that I was really wanting to experience in life. So I said yes. As a result of being in this kind of highly calibrated structure of support, having a vision, having a mentor that's teaching me how these invisible laws of creation work, my life has catapulted.

Felicia Searcy

Jubril Wilson

Quote My business [has] soared…and my daughter is able to go to private school because I’m making some substantial money… I’m just loving this life.

Jubril Wilson

Linna Tanny

Quote I hope you all take the opportunity that Mary has to offer and receive the wisdom of Mary to change your life. Because she changed my life, my family's life, and all those around me.

Linna Tanny

Where should we send your FREE MEDITATION?

About Mary Morrissey

Mary Morrissey has invested the last 40-plus years in coaching and mentoring tens of thousands of people from all walks of life, and from all over the world.

She’s seen first hand what creates success and what holds people back. Her experience has afforded her the opportunities to collaborate with or work alongside some of the world’s most influential and respected leaders, including His Holiness The Dalai Lama and the late Nelson Mandela.

Mary Morrissey

Mary holds a bachelor’s degree in Education, a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and an honorary doctorate in Humane Letters. She’s the creator of the world-renowned DreamBuilder Program® and author of two best-selling books:
No Less Than Greatness and Building Your Field of Dreams, which became a PBS special.

Mary Morrissey
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