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January 26 - 28, 2024

Discover the Art & Science of Creating an Abundant Future Unlock YOUR Power to Design a Life You Love

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See and feel how 3-days can transform your life

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What You’ll Receive Spiritual tools to turn your
dreams into reality


Why It Works Combining spiritual insight
& scientific breakthroughs


Who’s Presenting Mary Morrissey & her
world-class team


When & Where Will the Event Be Held? Friday, January 26th to Sunday, January 28th at Your Computer


Who Will Benefit from Attending? Anyone who is ready to take
action to transform their life


What Does My Ticket Include? 3-Day Pass & Digital Event Kit
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Don't Miss Out on the Biggest Personal Growth Event of the Year!

January 26 - 28, 2024


Why do thousands gather for this experience again and again?

Because this is the most transformative 3-day event in the world!

After this life-changing weekend, you’ll:

  • 1 Believe in your ability to create a life you would love, in an energetic field of “Infinite Possibility”.
  • 2 Rewire your subconscious mind to attract abundance using simple tools of “Spiritual Manifestation”.
  • 3 Unlock your intuition to clarify your exact next steps to a life of greater joy, love & purpose.
  • 4 Connect with hundreds of like-minded, positive people (many attendees make new best friends at our events!)
  • 5 Feel confident, empowered & unstoppable – and ready to demonstrate to others what’s possible.
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Day 1: Blueprinting

Clarity = Confidence = Success

On Day 1, you’ll learn the mental art of “Blueprinting”, giving you the tools to:

  • Connect with your purpose and choose the life you were meant to live.
  • Free yourself from undeserving and guilty about achieving more.
  • Define what your best life would look like where your soul feels free and limitless.

Day 2: Bridging

The hidden key of manifestation most people miss.

On Day 2, you’ll learn the spiritual science of “Bridging”, so you can confidently:

  • Uncover the sneaky “paradigms” in your unconscious that are sabotaging your best efforts and holding you back.
  • Create any dream - no matter how big – even if you feel like you have no time or energy.
  • Rewire your subconscious, permanently, to attract opportunities, resources and success to you (“Abundance Autopilot”).

Day 3: Building

What separates “dreamers” from Dream-Builders.

On Day 3, you’ll learn the proven process for “Building”, where your dreams will:

  • Help define your life trajectory to create the results you really want.
  • Be achieved, regardless of your circumstance, age, gender, income, location, background, experience or anything!
  • Unlock the hidden manifestation code that will help you reach new levels of success in life.
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Dalai Lama DBL Event


I’ve invested the last 40 years in studying transformational principles and the invisible side of success.

I’ve written two best-selling books, No Less Than Greatness and Building Your Field of Dreams, which became a PBS special. I’ve also been featured in The Moses Code, Beyond The Secret and several other popular films.

Dalai Lama
Marys Books

Together, with the Gandhi and King Foundations, I addressed the United Nations three times on the topic of nonviolence, and I’ve been privileged to facilitate three different week-long meetings with His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

I’ve also met with Nelson Mandela in Cape Town, South Africa to address some of the most significant issues that our world is facing.

But the accomplishment I’m most proud of is the 45+ years I’ve spent teaching millions of people, from all walks of life and from all around the world, how to take their dreams from imagination into reality through my books, courses and live events.

And I’d love to teach you next!


John Boggs John Boggs Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Business & Leadership Division
Mat Boggs Mat Boggs Executive Director & Founder of Love & Relationships Division
Jennifer Jiménez Jennifer Jiménez Founder and Director of Health & Well-Being Division
Rich Boggs Rich Boggs Creative Director of Brave Thinking Institute
Kirsten Welles Kirsten Welles Master Coach of Brave Thinking Institute

An important message from my heart to yours…

Dear Dream Builder,

Mary teaching

One glance at social media or the news these days can be very disconcerting.

Gas and food prices are higher than ever… More and more people are speaking of a recession… There is a lot of upheaval in the world right now!

If you’re feeling stuck, lost, or plagued by doubt & fear in the face of all this uncertainty, you’re not alone.

During times of great change, it’s normal to not know what to do next.

It doesn’t help that when we look to the world for answers, we get back messages of fear, scarcity and lack. And from this frequency, even golden opportunities seem risky, time & money seem scarce… the whole world seems unsafe!

So how do we make things better for ourselves and our loved ones? Many people decide to put their dreams on hold, play it safe and “wait until things get better” during times like this…

But remember…

Mary teaching

Life wants us to live
our most abundant,
expansive lives possible!

Life is here to support us.

When we connect to the Spiritual Power that breathes us… When we use our minds to access the field of Infinite Possibilities… When we align our actions with the Universal Laws that govern this reality…

We can create whatever life we would love to live, regardless of outside circumstances.

It doesn’t matter what the economy is doing… It doesn’t matter how young or old you are… It doesn’t matter if you feel overwhelmed and full of doubt sometimes…

If you have a dream for your life, there is a way to bring it into reality.

Whether you need more income, to take care of your family…

Or you’d love a better job, more aligned with your purpose…

Or you want to move into a more spacious home, surrounded by beautiful nature that nourishes your soul…


By rewiring your subconscious with tools of “Spiritual Manifestation”, you can raise your vibration so powerfully that life rearranges itself to help your dreams come true.

I’ve been teaching this work for over 40 years. This is what I teach thousands of people to do during every DreamBuilder LIVE event.

I believe that making our own dreams come true is the BEST thing we can do to make a difference in the world.

Because when you create a life you love - that fills you with passion, inspiration, joy & love…

You become a shining light of hope, possibility & purpose to everyone around you.

Just imagine a world where everyone knows how to overcome their doubts & fears… Align with their deepest & highest purpose in life… And create lives they actually love!

How amazing of a world would that be?

Well, that better world starts with you :-).

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What the Experts Are Saying About Mary Morrissey’s Work in the World

Sonia Ricotti
Sonia Ricotti, Motivational Speaker, Speech Coach and Author  

Mary Morrissey is someone who will completely transform your life… She will take your hand and take you through the path to living your greatest life – your dream life.”

Marianne Williamson
Marianne Williamson, Bestselling author of A Return to Love, 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate

Mary Morrissey has a laser beam ability to recognize and articulate the emergent possibility in someone's life, then take their hand and show them how to make it real.

Bob Proctor
Bob Proctor, Bestselling author of You Were Born Rich, Star of The Secret

Mary Morrissey has a depth of knowledge that is unparalleled, and she is, without question, one of the best teachers I have ever met in my entire life.

You Qualify for 2 Complimentary Tickets!

*With a reimbursable deposit of $97


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Don't Miss Out on the Biggest Personal Growth Event of the Year!

January 26 - 28, 2024


Who is invited to DreamBuilder LIVE?

This Is For You If You’re:

  • Wanting to be a part of the life-changing journey thousands of others have begun at DreamBuilder LIVE.
  • Looking for ways to take your life to the next level of success, including your career, relationships, health and time & money freedom.
  • Ready to get unstuck & confidently pursue your dreams.
  • Craving a life of more abundance, purpose, & soul-centered living.

Where is the event?

This event is virtual and can be accessed right from your computer.

Can I get recordings of the event?

At this time, we do not offer recordings of this event.

How is DreamBuilder Live different from other transformational workshops?

Our team believes every single one of us is far more powerful and contains more potential than any circumstance, situation or condition. Once you align with the universal spiritual laws that govern our world, you can create more abundance and success than you’ve ever thought was possible! Then we help you cultivate the “brave thinking” needed to stay focused on your dreams, and keep taking action on manifesting your dream life – no matter what challenges come your way.

Our DreamBuilder LIVE event is centered around these beliefs and practices, and is unlike any event you’ve attended before.

Why should I do this NOW?

If you are feeling like there’s more to life or that you are not completely in love with your life, NOW is the time to take the steps to create a life you would love.

What you’ll learn at this event won’t be shared anywhere else. The proven, repeatable system will help you begin to see success THIS YEAR.

I’m not sure what my dream is, will event still be useful for me?

Yes! On the first day we will help you connect to your purpose and discover the dreams you’d love to pursue.

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