“Thank you for a truly beautiful experience today! I was feeling so "couch potato-y" from all the virtual work, and I wanted to get moving. But I didn’t want a "typical" dance or aerobics class with an instructor yelling like a football coach, and I wanted something more fun and active than yoga - so I tried your TranscenDance™ Class - and it was perfect,
I loved it!” - Martha Gallagher (professional harpist)


TranscenDance™ takes the mindfulness of yoga off the mat and infuses it with free-form joyful conscious dance. This mind-body-spirit movement modality is appropriate for all ages, and movement abilities. Classes are held on Zoom, and help you to shake off stress, release tension, rejuvenate your body, center your mind and connect with your spirit. There are ten stages of TranscenDance™ that walk you through guided breathing, relaxation and stretching, fun, free-form conscious dance, energy healing, embodiment coaching and life empowerment, and more.

Classes are held twice a month virtually with amazing souls from all over the world. Typically classes are held the first and third Saturday morning of the month at 10am Pacific.

  • TranscenDance Collage Easy At-Home
    Virtual Access
  • TranscenDance Collage All Ages Welcome
  • TranscenDance Collage All Mobility Levels Welcome
  • TranscenDance Collage No Dance Experience Needed
  • TranscenDance Collage Great for Couples

The cost is only $20 per class, or $10 if you’re experiencing financial hardship with the promotional code dancenow. Plus, when you register you also receive a bonus video recording of the session that you can enjoy again and again.

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Based in authentic movement as a transformational and healing art, TranscenDance™ was birthed out of the fields of personal development, mind-body-spirit practices, spiritual psychology, somatics, and energy healing, by founder and creator, Jennifer Joy Jiménez.


TranscenDance™ is the secret language of your soul, it is a healing balm for your body, a pathway for transformation, and a safe haven for your inner-most thoughts, feelings and dreams to be expressed freely.” Jennifer Joy Jiménez


Through TranscenDance™, not only have I rediscovered my love for dance, I discovered my love for my body. “Through movement, I have released and healed past traumas, have developed a deep appreciation for my body and her wisdom and have fallen in love with dance again. So much so, that is you look thought my window, you will see me moving freely as I dance around my house.” Felicia Searcy Thousand Oaks, California


A truly accessible
mind-body-spirit experience!
TranscenDance™ offers one of the most elegant and accessible ways of experiencing the mind-body-spirit connection that I’ve experienced in literally 25 years of doing this kind of work. It’s an integration of what the Soul is seeking, and it is absolutely fun!” Blaine Bartlett Executive & Leadership Coach Consultant

Who is TranscenDance™ for?

bullet image There are no contraindications for attending. Anyone can attend from fully mobile and healthy individuals to someone healing in bed, in a wheelchair, from an injury or disability. Blind individuals can enjoy this class as well.

bullet image This class is loved by people who claim they have two left feet, someone unfit, seeking to become fit who has limited mobility, and also fully fit and healthy individuals, athletes, and dance professionals alike.

bullet image Movement is self-guided, there are no steps to follow, and you allow the music, your spirit, and your body to move you form the inside out.

bullet image Classes are typically 90 minutes and available online virtually through Zoom.

bullet image All you need is a laptop, or smart device to attend.

bullet image Wear comfortable clothing you can move easily in.

bullet image All ages and movement levels are welcome.

bullet image No previous dance or movement experience required.

TranscenDance Collage


Helps connect you to your source & move you from…

Physical Tension to Physical Freedom

Stress & Stiffness to Fun & Flexibility

Emotional Anxiety to Emotional Resiliency

Mental Confusion to Mental Acuity

Physical Weakness to Physical Fitness

Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence

Procrastination to Productivity

Fear & Delay to Faith & Action

Depression to Happiness

TranscenDance™ is designed to help you in 13 core areas.

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The 6 Tools of TranscenDance™

TranscenDance Tools

We have 8 important agreements in TranscenDance™

Dancing Woman
  • 1. All movement levels are welcome
  • 2. Let your body be your guide
  • 3. Allow your emotions to flow (if emotions rise up, breathe)
  • 4. This is a NO judgment ZONE (of self & others)
  • 5. Keep yourself safe, move your way, at your own speed and level
  • 6. Put on a childlike curiosity & have fun (you are welcome to make sound and be free)
  • 7. Please limit talking
  • 8. No interruptions

Each 90-minute class walks you through the TEN stages of TranscenDance™

TranscenDance Collage
  • 1. Source: Pre-Dance / Tune Your Inner Compass – to your dream. Set an intention and/or dance your dreams into reality.
  • 2. SPIRIT: Guided Breath Work/Imagery – Connect to life force energy, rejuvenate, relax and connect to a higher power breathing you(or sunlight energy).
  • 3. STRETCH: Yoga/Dance Stretching (Earth) – Retracing the developmental stages of infancy. Cultivate greater flexibility in your physical and emotional self.
  • 4. SELF: The Body Part Dance (Water) – Express your authentic self, trust your intuition, and unleash your creative genius. Bring your whole body into greater freedom.
  • 5. SHIFT: The Dance Of Release (Fire) – Through releasing movement patterns we shift negative mental, physical, and emotional energy into positive energy.
  • 6. SURRENDER: The Dance Of Surrender (Air) – Let yourself get “in the zone,” and in “flow”. Let the music move you from the inside out, become one with your breath, the music and the movement.
  • 7. SYNERGY: The Mirror Dance (Love) – We practice tolerance, acceptance, non-judgment, and loving kindness for ourselves and others. Allowing our authentic, creative, silly, playful self to be expressed and witnessed freely.
  • 8. SERVE: The Dance Of Community, (Service) – Serve Self, Serve Others, Serve Your Community, Serve Your Higher Calling.
  • 9. SOOTHE: Healing Energy Wash (Heal) – We access Divine Healing Energy, (sunlight energy), for mental, emotional, and physical healing.
  • 10. STILLNESS: (Remember) – In a place of quiet stillness we come into inner peace, full resonance, clarity of mind, and we remember the point of power within.

Classes are held twice a month virtually with amazing souls from all over the world. Typically classes are held the first and third Saturday morning of the month at 10am Pacific.

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Participating in TransenDance is a sight to behold. “Watching Jennifer move is like viewing spirit in action. Through power, grace, and beauty she has a distinct ability to guide you toward sophisticated dance inquiries in easy to access bite size pieces, regardless of age, dance ability, or fitness level, and the payoff is tons of fun. I strongly encourage that you take a leap into this pool of dance and splash around in creativity, meaning, and connection!” Vincent Martínez-Grieco Founder/Designer of Soul Motion


“Jennifer is pure joy! Her TranscenDance™ classes will open your heart, strengthen your body and align you with your inner guidance system-plus, they're fun and freeing. Don't miss a chance to work with Jennifer. She has a beautiful and intuitive way of leading you back home to your Divine self.” Kris Carr New York Times Best Selling Author, wellness leader and cancer thriver


Jennifer is a force of nature, walking and moving her talk. “She talks inspiration, motivation and innovation from a deeply connected heart and a genuine desire for people to increase their sense of confidence, esteem, potential and possibility. She is authentic, skilled and deeply passionate about reaching people through movement, music and motivational speaking. Jennifer’s passion and enthusiasm at your back is a sure fire green light to go forward into your own power.” Cathy Ryan Open Floor Facilitator


I am so happy and grateful to have attended the TranscenDance™ Facilitator training. “I not only use TranscenDance™ in my everyday life to release stuck energy, but as a retreat leader it is something powerful that I offer to my participants. TranscenDance️™ has become such an amazing way of life for me and I really love sharing it with others!” Monifa Watson Retreat Leader


"When you find yourself dancing, working, or learning with Jennifer Joy Jimenez, you realize that you've found yourself immersed in a magical field of energy where all sorts of good things happen. She has a way of opening doors and pointing out opportunities that may have been under your nose all along, just waiting for the right mentor to come along and open your eyes. She has a relationship with the realm of possibility that truly has no upper limits, and the talent, skill, and grace to lead anyone up the path to their dreams. Your good fortune helped you find her, so take the next step and let her add her vibrance to your vision.” Mark Metz Founder of Conscious Dancer Magazine, Director of the Dance First Association


I have experienced a profound
connection with my body.
“This weekend I took a class called Transcendance™. It was the most invigorating and exciting class I’ve taken in a long time. This is an opportunity to just be free and let go of things. Transcendance™ is a good way for you to come alive from inside yourself and experience a oneness with so many people that is so gratifying. I cannot tell you how wonderful this experience has been. I completely recommend everyone to do this.” Caryn Davis Detroit, Michigan


Release yourself to the healing power! Transcendance™ is truly amazing, the use of movement, music and language is a true gift to all who dare to release themselves to the healing power of this modality!” Rickie Byars Songwriter, Musician, Retreat Leader


By far the best experience
I think I’ve ever had!
“I’ve been a massage therapist for 24 years and I have been teaching for just over 20 of those years. I had the opportunity to attend the Transcendance™ Training weekend and I found it amazing. We went through the 10 stages: we went from quiet & calm, to moving & intense, I was sweating my butt off, I was dancing, laughing, I’m relieved, and I slept great! I’ve done other movement classes but this has been by far the best experience I think I’ve ever had.” Randy Fillion


I found my poise and grace! Transcendance™ has really given me a chance to get re-connected and grounded in my body. It has helped me gain more poise and grace, which has been especially crucial to the work I do as a public speaker. Thank you!” Nancy Marmolejo Anaheim, California


Jennifer reminds us through dance
we evolve into spiritual beings!
“Jennifer reminds us that through dance, we can evolve into spirited and spiritual beings who celebrate the joy and gift of living in the body.” Debbie and Carlos Rosas Creators of The NIA Technique


Meet Jennifer Joy Jiménez

The Founder and Creator of TranscenDance™

Best described as “pure joy in motion”, Jennifer Joy Jiménez is a leader in the fields of personal development, health & wellbeing, and conscious movement and dance.

She has been featured alongside some of the world’s greatest thought-leaders, including Marianne Williamson, Maya Angelou, Byron Katie, Bob Proctor, Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopra, to name a few. Her life-enhancing programs and products can be found in Self Magazine, NBC News, Oxygen, Woman’s World, and more.

Jennifer is the founder of the Healthy & Wellbeing Division of Brave Thinking Institute, and the creator of multiple health and wellbeing programs and products, including the globally acclaimed TranscenDance™ conscious dance modality. Jennifer loves helping people worldwide achieve greater levels of mind-body connection, health, vitality, joy, and total life fulfillment.

Jennifer’s products and programs have been featured in…