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Beautiful Goddess, you are invited to join Jennifer Joy Jiménez and incredible women from all over the world

November 6th, 7th & 8th 2020



having a weekend just for you filled with relaxation, rejuvenation, FUN and personal transformation with amazing like-minded women!

The Virtual Women’s Weekend Retreat is a wellness & personal growth adventure designed to help you to:

  • bullet imageConnect and embrace your body wisdom
  • bullet imageRelax & reconnect with your true essence
  • bullet imageFeel more renewed, refreshed and inspired
  • bullet imageUnleash your divine radiance & inner Goddess
  • bullet imageRejuvenate with daily meditation, music & conscious dance
  • bullet imageEnjoy connection and sisterhood with like-minded women
  • bullet imageEnjoy a pajama party night and DIY home spa treatments
  • bullet imageReceive wisdom and answers to life’s most burning questions from a Wise Woman Council
  • bullet imageReceive healing & sacred ceremony and ritual with powerful spiritual teachers bringing you ancient wisdom from sacred lands in vortexes of healing energy, from Hawaii, Sedona, and Tulum, Mexico
  • bullet imageEnjoy a virtual sound healing bath guided meditation with live indigenous instruments to connect us to our true nature
  • bullet imageAnd more…
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Meet Your Virtual Retreat Guest Expert Presenters from Hawaii, Sedona and Tulum

(Each guest presenter will stream from their native vortex centers through Wifi on Zoom)

Guest Expert

These guest experts were personally chosen by Jennifer Jiménez for their depth of spiritual embodiment and teachings of their respective native traditions.

They each have a world-class ability and decades of experience facilitating others in powerful transformational experiences, healing processes, spiritual awakening, and sacred ceremonies.

Under normal circumstances people spend thousands of dollars and travel from all over the world to experience their genius. Jennifer is delighted to bring these incredible sacred teachings and ceremonies to you, from the comfort of your own home – “you’re welcome!”

Day 1 Friday
Kula, Hawaii The Spirit of Aloha!
Maydeen ʻĪao and Lei’ohu Ryder Spiritual Leaders & Visionaries

Spiritual Invocation and Retreat Blessing Discover the HULA Dance and Traditional Hawaiian Song & Instruments

Day 2 Saturday
Sedona, Arizona Red Rocks Spiritual Vortex Energy!
Red Rocks
Rahelio Rodriguez Native American Shaman

Medicine Wheel Sacred Ceremony Native American Spiritual Teachings Native American Music & Instruments

Day 3 Sunday
Tulum, Mexico Mayan Spirit Medicine
Jorge Machado Castro Certified Nature Guide & Curandero

Mayan Spiritual Teachings through Nature Cleansing Mayan Sound Bath Meditation & Ceremony with Native Mayan Instruments


having a weekend focusing on yourself, your wellbeing and rejuvenation! Three meaningful days where the focus is just on YOU and your personal growth.

You will enjoy insight, motivation, personalized elite coaching, spiritual deepening and especially the accountability you need to create the positive changes that you desire.

Through connection, support and sisterhood, you will learn and grow in a circle of amazing, heart-centered, growth-oriented women to:

  • bullet imageReduce stress, decrease cortisol, reset your nervous system, and increase vitality and optimal wellbeing
  • bullet imageGain even more energy, focus, motivation and clarity on your vision and life’s purpose
  • bullet imageFeel inspired, motivated, and supported within a heart-centered community of soul sisters
  • bullet imageLive in your best healthiest self and enjoy peak performance in all areas of your life
  • bullet imageFeel even more confident in your skin and joyfully alive!
  • bullet imageDiscover tools to help you eliminate unhealthy habits and replace them with healthy successful habits
  • bullet imagePress the fresh button on your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing

Meet Your Amazing “Ask Me Anything” Wise Women Council

Mary Morrissey

Mary Morrissey Thought Leader, International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Consultant, Visionary

Coleen Schuerlein

Coleen Schuerlein Ordained Minister, Director of Prosperity Plus for Brave Thinking Institute, Best Friends with Mary Morrissey for over 50 years!

Coleen Schuerlein

Sheila Gillette Ask THEO Astrologist, Psychic, Thought Leader, Speaker, Best-Selling Author

The Schedule

Meditation Meditation Meditation Meditation Meditation Meditation

Day 1– Hawaii Virtual

9:00-10:00am Morning Movement & Guided Meditation with Jennifer
10:00-10:15am Break
10:15am-12pm Opening circle / invocation and intention setting / hula dancing, singing, live ukulele music, Native Hawaiian Spiritual Teaching and live music with Lei‘ohu and Maydeen streamed from Hawaii
12:00-1:30pm Meal Time & Free Time
1:30-3:00pm Master Class and Conscious Dance with Jennifer Jiménez
3:00-3:30pm Break
3:30-5:30pm Sisterhood, Fun, Pajama Party / Spa Night
Meditation Meditation

Day 2 – Sedona Virtual

9:00-10:00am Morning Movement & Guided Meditation with Jennifer
10:00-10:15am Break
10:15am-12pm Wise Woman Council (Mary Morrissey, Colleen Schuerlein, Sheila Gillette)
12:00-1:30pm Meal Time & Free Time
1:30-3:00pm Medicine Wheel Sacred Ceremony with Rohelio Rodriguez
3:00-3:30pm Break
3:30-5:30pm Sisterhood and Master Class with Jennifer
Meditation Meditation

Day 3 – Tulum Virtual

9:00-10:00am Morning Movement & Guided Meditation with Jennifer
10:00-10:15am Break
10:15am-12pm Mayan sound healing bath meditation and Mayan nature and spiritual teachings from Jorge Machado Castro
12:00-1:30pm Meal Time & Free Time
1:30-3:00pm Sisterhood and Master Class with Jennifer
3:00-3:30pm Break
3:30-5:30pm Surprise Final Fun Night
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“Jennifer Joy Jiménez has what it takes to open the floodgates to femininity, flexibility and freedom. She creates the safety within which stiff, overworked and out-of-touch women like myself can open the doors to self-love and develop the courage to move and express ourselves with confidence and authenticity. What’s it going to take to break through your limitations, self-judgment and self-image so you can finally express and experience Life as it moves through you? Jennifer Joy Jiménez cracked me wide open, and she can
do the same for you.” Tera Warner


“I definitely got the results I wanted with the course and much more. I feel like I have evolved light years from where I was to where I am now. This Program was the missing piece I was looking for to integrate all that I had been working on with my personal development growth. I am so grateful that I have reclaimed my confidence and self-esteem. I am supportive and nurturing of my entire being and I now fully appreciate the miracle of my human form.”  Eileen Pachecko

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This virtual weekend women’s retreat is for a small group of amazing, heart-centered, growth oriented women who are willing to stretch, have fun, play, explore, laugh and show up in support of each other.

Space is very limited, and Jennifer’s retreats sell out quickly.

You can get the time off. You can find a way to afford it. The time is NOW, not later.

Life is SHORT, you must take opportunities while they show up in your life.

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You deserve this.

Meet Jennifer Joy Jiménez

Your Transformational Life Coach & Retreat Guide

Jennifer Jiménez

Best described as “pure joy in motion”, Jennifer Joy Jiménez is a leader in the fields of personal development, health & wellbeing, and conscious movement and dance.

She has been featured alongside some of the world’s greatest thought-leaders, including Marianne Williamson, Maya Angelou, Byron Katie, Bob Proctor, Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopra, to name a few. Her life-enhancing programs and products can be found in Self Magazine, NBC News, Oxygen, Woman’s World, and more.

Jennifer is the founder of the Healthy & Wellbeing Division of Brave Thinking Institute, and the creator of multiple health and wellbeing programs and products, including the globally acclaimed TranscenDance™ conscious dance modality. Jennifer loves helping people worldwide achieve greater levels of mind-body connection, health, vitality, joy, and total life fulfillment.

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“I am much more confident, calmer, and freer to express myself as a whole woman. I found my deeper worth and dance and movement are now like a celebration of my body. My body is truly a beautiful thing. And I am worth it! This is truly a unique program in the world of 'all the same' stuff. Jennifer is gifted at helping anyone love their bodies and themselves in a whole new way.” Pattie Craumer


“Jennifer Joy Jimémez has helped thousands break free from limitation to a truly vibrant healthy life, and she can help you, too! When you work with Jennifer not only will your body thank you, but your life will be transformed.” Mary Morrissey International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, CEO Consultant, Visionary, Empowerment Specialist


“I struggled for 30 years with my self esteem, and now I accept my body more and I am much happier as a result. I released 78 pounds, and NOW I’m back into my size 14 jeans! Without suffering and deprivation. I can play more with my grand-daughters now, and I feel wonderful!” Candy Norris


“I am so happy and grateful now that I have banished my sedentary lifestyle and finally started eating healthy and exercising regularly. I have now built up my confidence and motivation to move across state lines to South Carolina and go back to school to follow my dream career. I am feeling very confident and proud of myself.” Ivy McDonald