It’s Time To Awaken Your Inner Goddess & Step Into Your Power…

Step Into a Magical, Healing Sanctuary for 7 Days of Relaxation, Connection & Powerful Transformation

November 3-10, 2024

November 3-10, 2024

Step Into a Magical, Healing Sanctuary for 7 Days of Relaxation, Connection & Powerful Transformation


*Space is limited to a small group of 20 hand-selected, heart-centered women.

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The Highest Version of Yourself Awaits You at a Tropical Paradise



Waking up without an alarm, in the middle of sheets so soft they’re caressing your skin. Your entire body feels relaxed – perhaps for the first time in months.

As you come back to your senses, you take in a deep breath of the crisp, fresh sea breeze.

You leave your cozy, private room at a luxurious resort to have your first meal of the day – a colorful, healthy gourmet breakfast (so good, you could eat it every day!).

The sun is shining, so you decide to sip your fresh green juice relaxing by the poolside.

The spacious, soothing yoga and dance studio is your new sanctuary… where you get to know more about your true self and sink deeper into your soul.

You’re surrounded by amazing soul sisters – you met just a few days ago, but feel like you’ve known them for decades…

And between the powerful life-transformation workshops, you melt onto the massage table as you treat yourself to a relaxing massage…

Or play like a little girl at the beach – sand in your toes and splashing in the waves!

As you become even more connected to your Divine Feminine and your intuition, you embody unapologetic confidence and freedom on a whole new level.

This may sound like just a dream – but this is the opportunity of a lifetime if you want to take it…

It’s a chance to join me for a 7-day retreat to come back into alignment and rejuvenate at a beachfront resort & spa near Cancún, Mexico.

If you’re ready to leave stress behind and go on a magical journey of personal growth, you’re invited to our wonderful annual wellness retreat…


The Vibrant Healthy Woman Tulum Transformational Retreat


The Vibrant Healthy Woman Transformational Retreat is a 7-day all-inclusive wellness & personal growth adventure in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

At this retreat, you’ll step into the luscious nature of Tulum, Mexico to awaken to your Divine Femininity, connect to your source of personal power and transform your life.

Through powerful ceremonies, rituals and meditations, you’ll awaken to your deepest truth…

And you’ll nurture your body-temple with healthy food, plus delicious yoga and dance classes…

While connecting with a loving sisterhood of uplifting women.

Discover the beauty of the Caribbean and the wisdom of the ancient Mayans with guided excursions…

Or drop into your body in the turquoise waters of the hotel beach… or perhaps during a facial or luxurious body treatment at the spa.

Let out a big sigh of relief – here you’ll flow, relax, rest and recharge fully!

(Yes, you’ll be caressed by the warm sea breeze too!)


This Retreat Is for You If…

  • You’re a woman who feels that she’s meant for MORE
  • You’re ready to THRIVE in all areas of your life
  • You crave a sense of balance – mind, body and soul all working in harmony
  • You’d love to hit your inner “reset” button
  • You’re tired of the “hustle” and you want to create from flow instead
  • You’re looking to reconnect with your inner Goddess and feminine essence
  • You long to feel empowered and grounded in your body
  • You feel called to tune into your intuition and purpose
  • You’d love to take some time away from the fast-paced daily routine and focus on YOU
  • You want to feel renewed, refreshed and restored
  • You are ready for a big breakthrough and you know you want help and mentorship you create it

“Jennifer is a gifted, creative teacher. She reminds us that through dance we can evolve into spirited and spiritual beings who celebrate the joy and gift of life in the body.”

Nia Debbie Rosas, Creator of The NIA Technique

Pamper Yourself at This All-Inclusive Experience

This incredible adventure is an all-inclusive experience – once you’re here, you’re fully taken care of.

From the moment you walk in the front door of the Kore Retreat and Spa Resort, you’ll feel free to disconnect from the outside world and focus only on your own nourishment, joy and relaxation!

(Keep reading to discover what a day in paradise actually looks like ;)


Your retreat includes:

  • 7 nights in a beautiful beachfront luxury boutique hotel at Tulum, Mexico
  • 3 Healthy meals a day + unlimited fresh juices & snacks
  • Our signature “7 Chakras As A Blueprint For Transformation” Workshops
  • 1 Tulum Mayan Ruins Excursion
  • 1 Sian Ka’an Ruins and Mangroves Lazy River Float Excursion
  • 1 Temazcal Healing Sweat Lodge Ceremony
  • Access to a luxurious spa*
  • Daily personal development sessions
  • Yoga and TranscenDance™ classes
  • Morning meditation sessions by the beach
  • Energy healing ceremony with an authentic shaman
  • Transformational life & business coaching for breakthroughs in ALL areas
  • Carefree relaxation soaking in the sun, with sand in our toes
  • Fun & connection with a community of amazing, heart-centered women
  • Fun-fun-fun!

And more…

(Airfare & transportation to and from the hotel are not included.)*Spa treatments are not included.

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“This is an absolutely extraordinary place. It’s almost like time slowed down when we got here. From floating in mangroves to a ceremony that is life-changing and doing TranscenDance™… It’s a great place to come, be out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to transform. I welcome you to come to this retreat. It’s amazing.”

Beth Wolfe


“I feel so much more in my own body and much more confident about what I’m doing… raising my children, and in my work. Having the support of women around me has been so incredibly empowering. It’s really hard to express in words, but it’s something I never had before and it’s just amazing. The energy here is something out of this world.”

Lynn Hannon

It’s Not Just a Retreat – It’s Where Your Soul Comes Alive

Not all retreats are created equal – most of them are fun, but it takes a unique mix of elements to give you the transformational experience you crave.

After 20 years of attending and leading retreats, I found out the key components that spark lasting change – and I make sure to incorporate them ALL in every single retreat I run.

This soul-awakening experience is no exception. It includes…

  1. An experienced coach and transformational guide
  2. A global healing energy vortex
  3. A life-changing curriculum
  4. An amazing group of heart-centered people

Discover what makes The Vibrant Healthy Woman Transformational Retreat such a powerful experience below…

Meet Jennifer Joy Jiménez

Your Personal Transformational Guide

Best described as “pure joy in motion,” Jennifer Joy Jiménez is a world-renowned transformational life coach. She’s an international speaker & author, health & wellbeing industry leader and conscious dance maven.

Jennifer Collage

As the leader of the Health & Wellbeing division of Brave Thinking Institute, she has helped thousands of people worldwide become more confident, healthy, joyful, abundant, and full of life.

She has been featured alongside some of the world’s greatest thought leaders including Marianne Williamson, Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D., Maya Angelou, Byron Katie, Bob Proctor, Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopra to name a few.

But before becoming a change agent, she felt disconnected from her deepest, life-giving purpose…

Her journey of coming back into alignment began with a single pivotal moment:

Attending a transformational women’s retreat.

It was through her profound experience at a retreat that Jennifer gave herself permission to come back in alignment with her truth…

And find the courage to leave behind a draining, soul-crushing job in corporate sales to follow her true calling and passion.

She’s now dedicated to helping other women reconnect with their own inner guidance. Jennifer has been teaching, coaching and co-leading transformational retreats for over 20 years.

Retreat Into a Powerful Healing Vortex for 7 Days

Reconnect With Your Divine Feminine at the Site Dedicated to Mayan Goddess Ixchel

An energy vortex is a specific location where there’s a higher concentration of the Earth’s energy. This phenomenon is caused by our planet’s electromagnetic field.

The high vibrational energy in vortex sites makes them perfect for spiritual transformation!

As you step into the spiritual vortex energy of Tulum, you’ll also connect with the divine feminine represented by Goddess Ixchel.

This potent energy will help you heal your wounds, release and re-pattern that which no longer serves you – so that you come back home renewed and in alignment with your true self, and reconnected to your inner Goddess.

Your Life-Changing Curriculum

7 Chakras as a Blueprint for Transformation Workshops

Discover how to tune into the wisdom of your body-mind-spirit with our “7 Chakras as a Blueprint for Transformation” Workshops.

Dive into the ancient knowledge of the Upanishads (circa 800 B.C.) to learn about the seven layers of the body (known as koshas) and the body’s energy centers (chakras) to unlock deeper transformation than ever before.

You’ll find out how to use these energy centers as a compass to catalyze meaningful shifts into your life.

Easily clear inner blocks, prevent physical “dis-ease” and release what is no longer serving you by clearing the energy field of your different chakras.

Empower yourself with the tools to bring yourself to balance and manifest a life you love…

And embody the joy, wellness, and vibrant health you long for.


A Select Group of Soul-Sisters


Feel Supported Every Step of Your Journey

There’s nothing like the support of a soul-centered community to allow change to flourish in your life – the combined energy of a group will potentiate your capacity to access breakthroughs!

Inside this retreat you’ll encounter a hand-picked, intimate group of 20 amazing women who will be there right by your side while you grow, expand your consciousness and awaken your divine feminine.

You can trust you will be held in a safe space for vulnerability, sharing life experiences and voicing your truth…

And just as important – they’ll make you laugh, play and stay fully present in the moment.

That’s the magic of sisterhood!

7 Days to Awaken a New YOU

When you join the Vibrant Healthy Woman Transformational Retreat, you will…

  • Leave feeling empowered and confident in your own skin.
  • Reparttern unhealthy habits keeping you stuck and clear the way to your success.
  • Love yourself more profoundly and appreciate your body, mind and soul.
  • Easily access your inner wisdom – feel guided every step of the way by your intuition.
  • Tap into your own personal power and achieve your goals from a place of flow.
  • Unleash your divine radiance & inner Goddess – awaken a deeper sense of pleasure, sensuality and joy in your life.
  • Feel rejuvenated, energized and genuinely alive.
  • Ground yourself in your body and embrace the wisdom of your body temple.

Stay In an Exotic Sanctuary of Peace

Welcome to Kore Retreat and Spa Resort

The Kore Tulum Retreat and Spa Resort is an exceptional beachfront boutique hotel and wellness resort in Tulum, Mexico – just 1.5 hours south of the Cancun airport.

Here, you’re surrounded by luscious palm trees, soft white sand and the rhythmic sound of the waves – making it an ideal setting for restoring balance in body and mind, reconnecting to soul, self, and nature.

This is the ideal place for the type of beautiful, sacred work you’ll immerse yourself in…

You’ll easily tap into the powerful Vortex of healing energy of the Tulum Mayan Ruins, only 3 miles away…

Nourish your body temple with gourmet healthy food prepared by the on-site chef…

Feel pampered by their personalized service…

And decompress inside their tranquil facilities, including your own private luxurious and spacious suite.

Be prepared to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of nature in Tulum and return home completely rejuvenated like never before.

Kore is also a sustainable hotel committed to the environment, preserving its beauty, and protecting natural resources.

Exotic Sanctuary

“Jennifer Joy Jimenez has what it takes to open the floodgates to femininity, flexibility and freedom. She creates the safety within which stiff, overworked and out-of-touch wotmen like myself can open the doors to self-love and develop the courage to move and express ourselves with confidence and authenticity. What’s it going to take to breakthrough your limitations, self-judgment and self-image so you can finally express and experience Life as it moves through you? Jennifer Joy Jimenez cracked me wide open, and she can do the same for you.”

Tera Warner

The Schedule

(This Is What A Day In Paradise Looks Like)

Once you arrive at the Kore hotel facilities, you’ll be fully guided with a schedule that includes personal development deep-dives, community-building, fun and free time for yourself.

That means creating the meaningful transformation you desire in your life…

AND melting your stress away under the Caribbean sunshine by the beach.

Unlike other retreats that have a packed schedule with no time to rest, we purposefully left you plenty of free time to BE spontaneous, relax, and have FUN.

Your days are designed to bring you insight, motivation, and personalized guidance to spark breakthroughs – without losing the relaxed pace of a holiday.

Flower separator

Day 1 – Arrival Schedule

Arrive in Tulum and check in
Opening circle and intention setting

Days 2-6 – Daily Schedule

(subject to slight changes)
Yoga & Meditation
Breakfast + free time
Movement / TranscenDance™ & 7 Chakras as a Blueprint for Transformation Workshops.
Lunch + Free Time – Relaxation – Excursions
Dinner / Sharing Time
Evening Session

Day 7 – Departure Schedule

Yoga & Meditation
Sharing and Goodbyes
Flower separator

The entire schedule is not revealed to purposefully create some delightful surprises for you!

Tap Into Ancient Mayan Wisdom With Healing Ceremonies and Excursions

On top of your transformational curriculum, your retreat includes extra activities to immerse yourself in the luscious nature and rich culture of Mexico. Awaken your body, your senses and your soul with powerful ceremonies and excursions inspired by the pre-Hispanic Mayan heritage!

These are the activities included in your retreat:

Sian Ka’an Ruins

Sian Ka’an Ruins and Mangroves Lazy River Float Excursion

Travel back in time with a visit to a Mayan castle archeological site at the Muyil Ruins.Then relax as a boat ride takes you through a freshwater lagoon to a natural lazy river and float along the crystal blue mangroves. Finish your excursion with a healthy, delicious lunch.

Ancient Tulum Ruins

Ancient Tulum Ruins Day Excursion

A private visit of the Oceanside Tulum Ruins with an ancient Goddess Ceremony at the Temple of Ixchel.

Temazcal Healing

Temazcal Healing Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Cleanse your body and energy with a traditional pre-Hispanic ancient steam bath therapy using medicinal herbs, chanting, drumming, and dancing.(No mind-altering substances used)

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“I have installed new patterns and habits of self-care that have been easy to maintain and I feel at peace and comfortable doing so… I have released 18 pounds and gained lean muscle. My clothes fit better, I feel more energized and confident in my skin… I am forever changed by the growth I experienced during the program because the shifts have gone much deeper than just changing a habit or activity and then trying to maintain that…the change came from a much deeper place and feels permanent.”

Tina Aiton


“I am much more confident, calmer, and freer to express myself as a whole woman. I found my deeper worth and dance and movement are now like a celebration of my body. My body is truly a beautiful thing. And I am worth it! This is truly a unique program in the world of 'all the same' stuff. Jennifer is gifted at helping anyone love their bodies and themselves in a whole new way.”

Pattie Craumer


“I definitely got the results I wanted with the course and much more. I feel like I have evolved light years from where I was to where I am now. This Program was the missing piece I was looking for to integrate all that I had been working on with my personal development growth. I am so grateful that I have reclaimed my confidence and self-esteem. I am supportive and nurturing of my entire being and I now fully appreciate the miracle of my human form.”

Eileen Pachecko

Take This Time for Yourself (For Once!) To Rest, Play and Feel Renewed

This retreat is for a small group of 20 amazing, heart-centered, growth-oriented women.

We purposefully keep the group small and intimate, so that we’re able to give personalized attention to the women who are willing to stretch, have fun, play, explore, laugh and show up in support of each other.

This means that space is very limited and we sell out every year!

If you feel a deep desire for more, there’s a spot with your name on it, beautiful Goddess!

There’s a reason why you’re seeing this right now…

You can make it work. Open yourself to the possibility that’s right in front of you – and trust that the universe will always support you stepping into your power.

There are only a few spots left… so register to get more details now.

You deserve this.

Reserve Your Spot Today – Only 20 Places Available!

Simply enter your info below to learn more about this amazing retreat and reserve your spot!

As a new member of the Brave Thinking Institute Health & Well-Being Community you’ll periodically receive inspiring emails we hope you’ll LOVE.

We will schedule a complimentary 1:1 conversation to discuss this experience fully and explore if it’s a good fit for you.

If there’s a even a tiny part of you that feels called to do this, know that we’ll answer any and all questions you might have on the call.

You’re a Gorgeous Goddess, and you deserve this!

Don’t let another year go by where you put off taking time for yourself, your needs, your growth and FUN!

Seize this moment and take the time for you. Register now.

We will schedule a complimentary 1:1 conversation to discuss this experience fully and explore if it’s a good fit for you.

If there’s a even a tiny part of you that feels called to do this, know that we’ll answer any and all questions you might have on the call.

You’re a Gorgeous Goddess, and you deserve this!

Don’t let another year go by where you put off taking time for yourself, your needs, your growth and FUN!

Seize this moment and take the time for you. Register now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates of the retreat?

November 3-10, 2024

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We’re here to support you in your transformation, and that includes making your investment easy and convenient for you. Fill out the form on this page and one of our retreat experts will tell you all about the different payment options you can choose from.

Will I have free time during the retreat?

Absolutely! We encourage you to flow, have fun and be spontaneous - so you’ll enjoy free time to relax and savor the moment.

What is the sleeping arrangement? Do I get my own room?

Yes, everyone will get their own private room. That way you’ll always have access to a personal space you can retreat to to unwind and feel at home.

Is there a shuttle service to and from Cancun airport?

Yes, you may choose to include this service at an additional fee at the time of your booking.

What happens after the retreat?

This retreat is VERY unique in that it includes pre- & post-retreat support to help you integrate your experience into your everyday life. After the retreat you’ll have an option to receive additional personal development, health & wellness, and lifestyle curriculum designed so that you FULLY embody the new you from now on!

What are the hotel’s Covid-19 measures? Can I get tested at the hotel before my return flight?

We take your health seriously, so we chose the Kore hotel knowing that they follow enhanced quality, safety and hygiene protocols to keep you safe. They have COVID testing right on site

At the resort there’s the possibility to get tested for Covid to comply with travel regulations prior to your return. This service is offered by an external company (fee not included.)

I have additional questions, who can I talk to?

That’s exactly what our complimentary Retreat Exploratory Session is for. You’ll connect with a knowledgeable retreat expert that will answer any question on your mind.

Just fill out the form on this page and you’ll be able to schedule your call.

They’ll help you find out if this retreat is the right fit for you – a full-body YES!


“Jennifer is truly amazing, her use of movement, music and language is a true gift to all who dare to release themselves to her healing power!”

Rickie Byars Agape International Spiritual Center

Beautiful Goddess, Your Time Is NOW

I know you can feel it in your heart – there’s a powerful life-force calling you…

It’s your own aliveness, joy and purpose.

Discover how amazing you’ll feel once you step into the truth of who you really are – the divine feminine walking the Earth.

Join us in this wonderful journey in paradise to come back rested, empowered and in alignment with your essence…

Are you ready?

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