Renew, and recharge in a vortex of healing energy in Tulum, Mexico!

November 12-19, 2022

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Space is limited to a small group of hand-selected amazing, like-minded, heart-centered women.

The Vibrant Healthy Woman Transformational Retreat!


Beautiful Goddess you are invited,

Imagine a week of relaxation, rejuvenation, FUN and personal transformation in paradise!

The Vibrant Healthy Woman Transformational Retreat is an all-inclusive wellness & personal growth adventure in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

  • Take a deep-dive into the 7 chakras as a blue-print for transformation.
  • Unleash your divine radiance & inner Goddess.
  • Yoga, & conscious dance classes.
  • Refuel with organic delicious food and fresh juices.
  • Rejuvenate, relax & reconnect with your true essence.
  • Connect and embrace your body wisdom.
  • Receive healing & sacred ceremony with a Mayan medicine man.
  • Awaken through spiritual ritual in a vortex of healing energy at the Mayan Ruins.
  • And more…

Imagine arriving at a cozy, private, luxurious resort and spa near Cancún, Mexico. The sun is shining, and upon your first deep breath of fresh tropical air, your entire body starts to relax - perhaps for the first time in months.

Imagine how amazing your body will feel as you savor 3 gourmet organic meals each day, and sip fresh green juice relaxing by the poolside.

The spacious yoga/dance studio is your sanctuary to get to know more about your true self, sink deeper into your soul, connect with soul sisters, and dance freer than you ever thought possible.

See yourself melting onto the massage table as you treat yourself to a relaxing massage or facial in-between sessions. Imagine sand in your toes and skipping in the waves!

As you become even more connected to your Divine Feminine and your intuition, you embody uninhibited confidence and freedom on a whole new level.

If this retreat sounds simply wonderful, then get ready to claim your spot, leave all the stress behind, and begin a magical journey of a lifetime!

Explore the 7 Chakras as a blueprint for personal growth and spiritual deepening through music, movement, meditation, spiritual lessons, and transformational ritual.


With a focus on:

  • Increasing your strength, stamina and flexibility.
  • Gaining even more energy, focus, and drive to go after your goals.
  • Feeling inspired, motivated, and supported.
  • Living into your best, healthiest self, and enjoying peak performance.
  • Feeling even more confident in your skin and joyfully alive!
  • Effectively releasing and re-patterning your stress patterns.
  • Eliminating unhealthy habits and replacing them with healthy, successful habits.
  • Balancing hormones, decreasing body fat & increasing your energy.

Have fun, play, rest, and feel renewed in your life.


This incredible adventure is an all-inclusive experience, including:

  • 7 nights in a beautiful hotel
  • Healthy organic meals and snacks
  • The Tulum Mayan Ruins excursion
  • Daily personal development workshops
  • Yoga, & dance classes
  • Fun-fun-fun!
  • Soaking in the sun, with sand in our toes
  • A relaxing luxurious spa
  • Energy healing with a shaman
  • Transformational life & business coaching for breakthrough results in ALL areas
  • The 7 chakras as a blueprint for transformation materials and curriculum and more...

(Not included is airfare and transportation to and from hotel)

PLUS this retreat is VERY unique in that it includes pre- & post-retreat personal development, health & wellness, and lifestyle curriculum, so that you are FULLY ready for this amazing soul-awakening, deep-dive experience!

How to Register


Simply click on “APPLY NOW” to learn more about this very special limited and exclusive opportunity.

We will schedule a complimentary 1:1 conversation to discuss this opportunity fully, explore if it’s a good fit, and answer any & all questions you might have.

This retreat is for a small group of 20 amazing, heart-centered, growth-oriented women, who are willing to stretch, have fun, play, explore, laugh and show up in support of each other.

Space is very limited and we sell out every year.

You can get the time off. You can find a way to afford it. The time is NOW, not later. Life is SHORT, you must take opportunities while they show up in your life.

There are only a few spots left. So don’t delay, get more details now. You deserve this.

About Kore: The Location


The Kore Tulum Retreat and Spa Resort is an exceptional boutique hotel and wellness resort in Tulum, Mexico. It’s located just 1.5 hours south of the Cancun airport. It’s situated beachfront on the picturesque Caribbean Sea. And it’s only 3 miles from the famous Tulum Mayan Ruins, known for its powerful Vortex of healing energy.

It is an ideal setting for restoring balance in body and mind, and reconnecting to soul, self, and to nature.

You can expect exceptional personalized service, luxurious and spacious suites, and beautiful sacred space that’s ideal for this type of work.

The experience wouldn’t be complete without gourmet organic food to nourish your beautiful body temple.

Kore is a sustainable hotel committed to the environment, preserving its beauty, and protecting natural resources.

Be prepared to fully immerse yourself and connect with the beauty of nature in Tulum and return home completely rejuvenated like never before.


“Jennifer opens the heart, inspires the spirit, and evokes great transformation. She brings a rare, inspirational and powerful presence, which is a physical representation of the Divine in motion!”

Mary Morrissey Founder of Brave Thinking Institute

The Schedule

Imagine spending 7 meaningful days in paradise where the focus is just on YOU and your personal development growth.

You will enjoy insight, motivation, personalized elite coaching, and especially the accountability you need to create the positive changes that you desire.

Through connection, support and sisterhood, you will learn and grow in a circle of amazing, heart-centered, growth-oriented women.

Mother's day

Day 1 – Arrival Schedule

Arrive in Tulum and check in
Opening circle and intention setting

Days 2-6 – Daily Schedule

(subject to slight changes)
Yoga & Meditation
Breakfast + free time
Movement / TranscenDance™ & 7 Chakras as a Blueprint for Transformation Workshops.
Lunch + Free Time – Relaxation – Excursions
Dinner / Sharing Time
Evening Session (not every day)

Day 7 – Departure Schedule

Yoga & Meditation
Sharing and Goodbyes

The entire schedule is not revealed to purposefully create some delightful surprises for you!


“Jennifer Joy Jimenez has what it takes to open the floodgates to femininity, flexibility and freedom. She creates the safety within which stiff, overworked and out-of-touch women like myself can open the doors to self-love and develop the courage to move and express ourselves with confidence and authenticity. What’s it going to take to breakthrough your limitations, self-judgment and self-image so you can finally express and experience Life as it moves through you? Jennifer Joy Jimenez cracked me wide open, and she can do the same for you.”

Tera Warner


Meet Jennifer Jiménez

Your Personal Certified Transformational Coach

Best described as “pure joy in motion”, Jennifer Joy Jiménez is a world renown transformational life and heart-centered business coach, international speaker & author, health & wellbeing industry leader and conscious dance maven.


Jennifer is the founder and owner of Vibrant Healthy Living, a health, personal development and lifestyle company. She has been featured alongside some of the world’s greatest thought leaders including Marianne Williamson, Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D., Maya Angelou, Byron Katie, Bob Proctor, Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopra to name a few. Her life enhancing programs and products can be found in Self, Shape, Oxygen, Woman’s World, and more.

Through her cutting-edge products, online programs, and in-person trainings, Jennifer has helped thousands of people worldwide become more confident, healthy, joyful, abundant, and full of life. She especially loves helping the change agents of the world reach their full potential.

She is also passionate about teaching heart-centered sales to heart-centered entrepreneurs worldwide, and helping them generate millions of dollars and live their true purpose and mission abundantly.

Amazing Client Results!

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Our Vibrant Healthy Woman Retreat sells out every time and only happens once per year.

You are an amazing Gorgeous Goddess, and you deserve this! Don’t let another year go by where you put off taking time for you, your needs, you're your transformational growth and FUN!

Seize this moment, take the time for you, and register now.