"The Coaching Catapult Secret" The Most Important Step You Can Take to Create Your Dream Life as a Heart-Centered Life Coach

"The Coaching Catapult Secret" The Most Important Step You Can Take to Create Your Dream Life as a Heart-Centered Life Coach

Discover my #1 secret to fast track your success and impact as a transformational life coach

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Most beginner coaches don’t make it past their first year of business.

Why? Because they lack ONE simple, yet essential element to propel their business forward.

This is not just an interesting “theory”…

This is a proven business practice that we’ve seen help every single one of the 3500+ coaches (from 83 countries!) we’ve certified here at the Brave Thinking Institute.

This secret helps beginner coaches successfully overcome (or skip over entirely) the challenges of transitioning into a career as a life coach – and growing a thriving business that actually makes a difference.

That’s why we call this our “Coaching Catapult Secret”...

Because it helps you skip over beginner mistakes, right past common stumbling blocks and launch directly into a successful, growing coaching business!

In this short video, you’ll discover what this “Coaching Catapult Secret” is, as well as:

  • A simple, yet effective secret to avoid the most common mistakes preventing beginner coaches from launching a thriving business -- skip past the struggle and set yourself up for success right from the start once you learn this secret.
  • How you can create consistent, rapid life coaching success by applying the counterintuitive approach successful people use to create massive results in a fraction of the time.
  • Why the “Coaching Catapult Secret” is the key to switching careers, or going full time as a coach faster than with any other method.
  • The unlikely way our founder Mary Morrissey discovered this “Coaching Catapult Secret” in 1987 -- and how she used it to go from small talks of 15 attendees, to an 8-figure business (and how you can exponentially increase your results as well!)
  • The reason why this secret is the most powerful path to maximizing your impact and making the difference you’re meant to create in the world.
  • How to “plug in” to a higher awareness to greatly accelerate your results -- willpower and sacrifice are not the fastest ways to succeed! Learn how to open the door to amazing synchronicities and opportunities instead.

If you’re feeling called to make a difference in the world as a life coach, and would love to discover how to successfully make this your new career…

Then this “Coaching Catapult Secret” is perfect for you!

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