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GetSparklesclaritySparkleson your dream of becoming a transformational life coach while fast-tracking your path to increased impact, income, and freedom!

Why sign up for a Strategy Session?

Because this is a chance to speak to someone who GETS IT.

Our Program Experts have worked with THOUSANDS of coaches.

They intimately understand the current coaching landscape and will provide you with the sacred space to freely explore all your questions, doubts, and dreams.

Nothing is off limits on these calls.

Our Program Experts Know:

  • How to bring clarity to your business plan and which path is right for you
  • Insider knowledge about the life-coaching industry
  • The coaching methods and techniques that create massive transformation
  • How to market and stand out with your unique specialty
  • All the strategies that can help fill out your calendar
  • How to speak with you about your dreams & questions

Whether you’re a busy parent with a full-time job, feel like you have no time or energy to start a new career, or have already begun your transformational life coaching journey…

…This Strategy Session with our Program Experts is invaluable!

We KNOW you're intrigued by a lifestyle of inspiring others, changing lives, and creating more financial and personal freedom for you and your family.

And you’ve already taken the steps necessary to explore or start this path…

…But now you NEED CLARITY on your career goals to go to the next step!

Let our Program Expert help you get crystal clear on YOUR steps to a successful life coaching business and how to make the difference you WANT in the world.

Step-by-step, they will assist you in tapping into your intuition so you can start moving in the direction of your dreams.


Let our Program Expert help you get crystal clear on YOUR steps to a successful life coaching business and how to make the difference you WANT in the world.

Step-by-step, they will assist you in tapping into your intuition so you can start moving in the direction of your dreams.

This includes answering questions like:
  • “How do I attract the right clients?”
  • “I’m already so busy. Do I have time to learn something new?”
  • "Can I make a difference in the lives of others?"
  • “Where do I get the business skills to actually RUN a life coaching biz?”
  • “How can I create REPEATABLE income with my coaching passion?”
  • “What if I’m not ready to address some of my clients’ problems?”
  • “Am I really meant to do this work?”

If you’re hesitating to fill out a call request because of these questions...

...They are exactly WHY a free Strategy Session could help right now!

This path you’ve chosen has – in reality – chosen you.

Now, you just need the clarity and confidence to pursue this heart-centered career with your whole self so you can FULFILL your aspirations and financial goals.

If you’re ready to:

Leave your mark on the world… Achieve more personal fulfillment… Expand your life coaching business… Build more financial freedom & flexibility…

Live your DREAM…


One 90-minute call will help bridge the gap between where you are now and where you’d love to be in your business – and life.

And every call is different because this call is all about YOU.

Whether you're struggling to get to the next level or are still contemplating your path, your questions and goals around being a life coach are just as unique as you are.

We PERSONALIZE every call to your needs. Planning your future career? Battling back insecurity? Need someone to give voice to your big dreams? We're here for it!

If you’re looking for:

  • Honest answers about the lifestyle of a life coach
  • Connection with an expert who knows ALL about the current coaching world
  • A Safe Space to explore your vulnerability, fears, dreams, and aspirations

Schedule a Call with our Experts and FINALLY:

  • Get clear about your goals as a life coach, along with an actionable, "step-by-step" plan to bring your wildest aspirations to fruition.
  • Discover a heart-centered, proven approach for attracting and enrolling amazing clients waiting for you!
  • Unlock the critical business skills you’ll need to achieve results in the real world. (Many coaching certifications don’t mention this aspect AT ALL.)
  • Learn about a transformational method to help your clients live better lives.
  • Determine if Brave Thinking Institute is the support you need on your path to fulfillment and prosperity!
Woman Video call

"Okay, this sounds good… but why a video call?"

Because we love seeing those AH-HA moments happen in real time!

We’ve witnessed powerful people like yourself RELEASE years of paradigm thinking and false narratives within these 90 incredible minutes.

And nothing can replace the CONNECTION between someone who deeply listens to your concerns and questions…

(For many of you, you already know this amazing feeling!)

We believe that life coaching is a sacred calling, and the more face-to-face with each other we can be… the more face-to-face YOU can be with yourself.

Let us help align your path to genuine fulfillment and a life of helping others!

Video call

Hear From Other Life Coaches Who Have Taken the Call!


"What got really clear inside of that call was what was important to me at the root of everything, and that was freedom, flexibility in time, as well as wanting to make an impact."

Stacey Berger


“They believed in me and they believed that I could... That believing in me on that call was just the tip of the iceberg with how much the organization believed with me throughout the 9 years that I've worked with them.”

Tara Brown

Listen to what Lin Yuan Su had to say about her Strategy Session!

Here’s the truth:

When humans embark on anything new, we (ironically) create limiting beliefs to keep us safe, which are NEVER based in reality.

These limiting beliefs DO keep us from failure, disappointment, and risk...

...But you know what else they keep us from?

As a current life coach or someone curious about becoming one… after training over 4,500 coaches, we KNOW how best to address your concerns:

By talking them out in a safe, objective, and supportive environment.

These Strategy Sessions are LIMITED – so if you are curious, we strongly encourage you to fill out a call request today!

After you fill out your call request

We'll immediately let you know if you qualify! Then, you can choose a time that works for you.

Don’t worry about preparing anything… This Strategy Session only asks you to bring an open mind, an open heart, and a curious spirit.

Woman on laptop Woman on laptop

A Reminder of What This Session is All About:

  • Personalizing this experience to your needs and desires
  • Sharing all your concerns and questions about life coaching
  • Speaking with an empathetic Program Expert ready to hear you
  • Fully visualizing a life that you’ll love living as a life coach
  • Bringing clarity to your business plan and path
  • How to best stand out in your market with your unique gifts
  • Strategies on how to expand your business and create repeatable income
  • Understanding what kind of impact you WANT to make on the world
  • Achieving more personal fulfillment and flexibility
  • Connecting deeply with someone who GETS you
  • Bridging the gap between where you are now and where you’d LOVE to be!

A Final Note About Our Strategy Sessions...

Some people avoid strategy sessions, because they fear being pressured into buying something.

But we take a different view and approach to strategy sessions than most companies.

We use a heart-centered enrollment process that gets to the true essence of what you dream about creating - and then lets your intuition guide you to the decision that's right for you.

We value and respect your time, and view this conversation as a sacred opportunity to serve you and your life's purpose.

So if you take the call and decide BTI is NOT your next step...

...That’s completely FINE! There is incredible value in discerning that for yourself.

The only thing we don’t want for you? To be STUCK inside a self-made limbo of

‘Can I?’ ‘Will I?’ and ‘What if?’

...Any longer!

Woman on laptop

Whatever you choose, we want you to feel confident with the tools and systems you need to take the next step on YOUR coaching journey.

Plus, you'll get a firsthand experience of how your clients will feel once you learn how to serve them in the exact same way!

Bottom Line: We want you to walk away with a CLEAR path on what steps to take next.

Ready to connect with one of our Program Experts? Fill out the call request!


And your path to greater impact, income, and freedom!

Thank you, and we look forward to speaking with you.