Discover If You’re Meant To Be A Life Coach In Just A Few Minutes!

Question 1 of 20

1 Which of the following best describes your talents, strengths, and gifts? (Choose all that apply)

2 How fulfilled do you feel when you help people solve a problem or make a positive change?

3 What is your first name and your email so we can send your results? (Bonus: if your score indicates that you are meant to be a life coach, we'll send you a valuable eBook that will show you what to do next!)

4 Do you believe that your purpose in life is to help other people better themselves or improve their lives,  [FIRST NAME]?

5  [FIRST NAME], what about life coaching most appeals to you? (Select up to 3)

6 Are you the type of person who is excited by the the idea of unlimited earning potential, or do you prefer predictable income on a schedule?

7 Name what makes you want to know if you’re meant to be a life coach?

8 Do you believe your past challenges and failures have been preparing you for something greater, Name?

9 Is it important to you to make a difference and do truly meaningful work in the world?

10 What level of income would you aspire to achieve in your life coaching career within the next 3 years, name?

11 Which of the following best describes you,  [FIRST NAME]?

12 Are you the type of person who longs for autonomy, or do you prefer to receive tasks and instruction from someone else?

13 Do you have personal or professional experience making an impact by helping other people? (For example, have you spent time volunteering, working in a service-based job, in education, or supporting people in need?

14  [FIRST NAME], what things might hold you back the most from becoming a life coach? (Select up to 3)

15 Are you the type of person who loves to work with time and location freedom, or do you need more oversight and structure in your job?

16 Which of the following resonate with your personal beliefs,  [FIRST NAME]? (Check all that apply)

17 Someone is facing a difficult challenge right now in their life…how would you help them?

18 Which of the following best describes your situation, [FIRST NAME]?

19 When you see other coaches online or on social media, do you think to yourself...

20 Does the idea of coming to the end of your life without having done something meaningful scare you,  [FIRST NAME]?


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