Tap Into the Vibrational Energy of the World’s Most Influential Leaders

Increase your ability to be an inspirational, effective leader in just 15 minutes with this powerful, guided meditation.

Increase your ability to be an inspirational, effective leader in just 15 minutes with this powerful, guided meditation.

Listen toThis Meditation and you will…


Plant the seeds of innovation and creativity in your subconscious mind so that solutions flow freely


Cultivate a mindset of unlimited potential so that you can increase your productivity and accelerate growth


Ignite the mental “super-power” of Imagination for calm, confident leadership through even the trickiest of challenges


Attune to the vibration of true wealth , so you can attract the resources (ideas, partners, opportunities, etc.) you need to turn even “no-win” scenarios into homerun success stories you’ll be talking about for years to come

Do You Want to be an Inspirational, High-Achieving Leader?

The world’s best leaders all achieved greatness because of their mastery over one thing: their minds.

With this meditation, we’ll help you access untapped potential in your mind to level-up your capacities as a leader. In just 15 minutes, you’ll be guided to calibrate your mind to the vibration of great leadership by focusing your thoughts to bring forth feelings of gratitude, abundance, creativity, innovation, inspiration – all of which can be transformed into powerful action, momentum and infinite possibility.

John Boggs, CEO of Brave Thinking Institute designed this meditation exclusively for high-performing leaders, and was created for one, singular purpose: to help you grow into the best leader possible.

Download and listen today.



John Boggs

About John Boggs

John Boggs brings deep knowledge and strong personal practice of self-leadership, business organization, management and executive success to each client. Having turned a failing startup into a thriving company with over $60 million in annual revenue, John is passionate about helping businesses develop strategies for real success.

Thousands of business professionals have benefited from John’s training and motivation. He has personally coached and consulted for executives with the World Bank, Johnson & Johnson, Toyota Motors, The Marriott Corporation, CitiGroup, and Century 21. John’s executive clients have enjoyed greater clarity, increased revenues and tangible strategies that empower more effective leadership.

As a national and international award-winning executive, John combines his business experience with his training in Psychology and International Speech Communication to deliver highly effective programs for leading international companies and executives.

In 2010, John founded Maximum Sales Power. In 2013, Maximum Sales Power merged with Mary Morrissey’s LifeSOULutions That Work/Brave Thinking Institute, and John now serves as the CEO of that joint venture.